Tina Amiri

I’ve always been intrigued by abnormal human psychology and could spot it, at least on screen, from a very early age. For this reason, I choose to write, read, or watch, character-driven fiction. Writing became a passion even before I learned how to spell, but I took a different path in school. While working in the medical field, I pursued publication and also provided book-doctoring services, from 2011 to 2013, through a literary agency, until the death of its proprietor who was an invaluable mentor to many, including me. Editing fiction, and even ghostwriting, will likely remain in my cards for a long time.

Whatever The Impulse has seen many versions, many longer and more literary. However, industry standards, nowadays, demand a much tighter writing style, so while the concept of Whatever The Impulse has never changed, the final product is a bolder, faster-moving book that I hope will be as fun for others to read as it was for me to write . . . and rewrite, and rewrite . . .

Whatever The Impulse illustrates a young man’s gradual spiral to becoming a sociopath . . . for reasons other than having been born that way. With a touch of literary merit, it’s a fast-paced psychological thriller with an unrelentingly erotic undercurrent . . . because this isn’t a textbook.

Thank you for checking out the author page. Meet me on Twitter / Facebook,if you have questions or comments about my book - or even about writing.

Whatever The Impulse