For nineteen years, Night Shannien trusts his father about an undisclosed mortal threat that keeps him a virtual ghost within the rugged Oregon coast. Believing no one should ever get too close, he conforms to an elaborate ruse, playing the role of a deaf-mute while working at his father’s bar-restaurant.

While his perpetual nightmares urge him to see beyond his reality, it takes a love sick teenage girl, and his father’s one mistake, introducing him to someone far too clever, to set off a vicious chain of events that finally expose the truth, shatter Night’s innocence, and trigger his breaking point.

Suddenly a fugitive, Night is thrust into a world he’s never seen and doesn’t understand. He’s granted the immediate refuge he needs with the ideal mentor - but with a stipulation. An untapped prodigy, Night proves he can deliver the impossible, but no amount of experience can undo his past and his subsequent disconnect from society’s fundamental moral code. What becomes his strength could also be the ultimate liability as Night elects to deal with all matters using one simple guideline . . .